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Patient centred, holistic, clinical nutrition to help people feel their best.

Evidenced based guidance provided by an experienced registered dietitian.

Diets don't work so you won't find them here!

Welcome to making changes which will last for the rest of your life!


November 10, 2015

Here's an article in the Daily Mail promoting the benefits of milk chocolate for health, based on a study recently released. I'm a bit of a spoilsport in it given that I kind of dismiss the title (which tries to celebrate milk chocolate). I am still unwaveringly suppor...

November 4, 2015

Most of us know people with dietary restrictions; whether from choice or health conditions, approximately one in three people need to be wary of certain ingredients in their food. Hotel Chocolat were encountering this with many of their customers so asked me to author...

November 4, 2015

Hotel Chocolat's supermilk chocolate is doing really well, which is great news. There's nothing wrong with having a small treat, but if that treat is actually a lot more health giving, it is a bonus. The supermilk recently released by Hotel Chocolat is 65% cocoa solids...

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