J.W. female

Small intestine bacterial overgrowth, anaemia

Dalia successfully treated my SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth). Not only that, but I left her care in better health than before I became ill. Through a carefully paced and personally tailored programme of dietary changes and supplements, she helped me to increase my protein intake (which had been very low for most of my life as a vegetarian and more recently, a vegan), kill off the problematic bacteria and strengthen my gut microbiome. When I started seeing her, I was in a lot of digestive discomfort and was only able to eat a handful of foods, as I was on the low-FODMAP diet to ease my symptoms. Now I am able to eat most of the foods that had caused me problems with no ill-effects. I also feel more energetic and am no longer hungry all the time. As well as giving useful medical guidance and information, Dalia really understood and helped me deal with the emotional impact of my condition. I am hugely grateful to her for everything she has done for me!

N.R. female

thyroid dysfunction, hair loss, depression and anxiety

I met with Dalia last year following a severe misdiagnosis resulting in over treatment of thyroxine. The symptoms of which lead to severe hair loss, anxiety, palpitations, weight loss, low energy, weakness and depression. Eventually I was signed off work. I was desperate and didn’t know what to do and could sense my mental health was suffering. 


At my first appointment, Dalia was very quick to pick up from my blood tests that in fact it was my Vitamin D and Iron that was borderline low and actually my thyroid function tests were ok. Dalia promptly told me exactly what supplements to take and I completed a food diary so that she could assess what I was eating. After 3 months of following the regime my iron and vitamin D boosted to the upper range. And my thyroid began to settle and I was feeling a lot more human! 


I can’t thank this lady enough for sorting me out. I was in tears daily and all I needed was someone to do the thinking for me and help me get better. Dalia did exactly that. She answered all my questions, comforted me when I was in tears and made me smile with her great humour! Thankyou Dalia for your support, professional advice and wisdom 🏽


I would without hesitation recommend Dalia as she goes above and beyond call of duty and she really really does care for you!


F.G., female

Disordered eating

I can't begin to put into words my gratitude for getting to see you over the past couple of months. I absolutely count it as one of the biggest gifts from God I've received. I've had more counsellors then I care to remember, but none of them have brought me to a place of actually wanting to be free of anorexic behaviours. I always wanted a foot in both camps - abnormally thin but normal in ever other respect. And - shock horror - nodding politely did f-all to shake me out of that. But after each session with you, I left feeling free and exhilarated - like the blood of the old extroverted, pre eating disordered me was being defrosted. Thank you for helping me to identify what is life giving and what is imprisonment. I am absolutely terrified of what is to come because I have hidden behind this for so long. So this is not over! I'll likely need your straight talking, hand holding in the not too distant future. Good luck with being a mum again!

A.S. female

Crohn's Disease

I have consistently good health now - for the first time since I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease 16 years ago.

Within two weeks of my first session with Dalia nearly all of the pain I experienced on a daily basis disappeared. Over only a few more sessions, other symptoms eased or evaporated. 

I honestly feel I have been given my life back - in no particular order - I now enjoy food, I have consistently good appetite, I have more energy, I sleep better, my skin is clearer, and I'm going to a festival this year (completely inconceivable before)!

I feel empowered, I feel in control of my health, and I feel so full of gratitude and respect for Dalia, and the healing she has given me. 

Brilliant and beautiful Dalia, thank you so much. Your sessions have honestly changed my life. 

I.B. female, child

Chronic tummy aches

Dalia is gifted and healing people is her calling. I spent three and a half difficult years trying to find the root cause of my daughters stomach aches. Finally we were recommended to see Dalia. I expected to be given a list of all the foods my daughter should and shouldn't eat. Instead my daughters tummy aches were 'spiritual and emotional'. That sagacious comment solved a lot of issues, including the tummy aches!

D.D. - Female

Type 2 diabetes

I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes seven years ago and for many years my control was good although truthfully I didn't really watch what I was eating as well as I should have.  I knew I should stay away from chocolate and processed sugar but I never really felt I understood anything else about what I should or should not be eating.  In the last two years my blood sugar has been much higher than normal and by last November I was consistently over 10 when I tested myself at home.  I knew I had to get this back under control so I found Dalia's information and arranged an appointment.  This was the best move I could have made in taking back control of my life from Diabetes.


I went into Dalia's office for my first appointment with a bad attitude - don't tell me I have to cook, I don't have time to cook, everything has to be portable and quick,  I don't eat this and that, I hate healthy food etc.!  And she said no problem.  She gave me practical advice that worked with my life, and working meal by meal she helped me to transform how I was eating and even how I thought about food.  Over the course of five appointments, one per month, my A1C went from 58 to 43, my cholesterol lowered and I lost 5Kg.  More importantly I'm enjoying what I'm eating and I haven't had to cut out treats entirely, just be more sensible about them. I'm not saying it was a magical quick fix.  It did take work and dedication and a willingness to put my health first but I could not have achieved any of it without Dalia's advice and support.  I heartily recommend talking to Dalia if you are a Type 2.  Most of the information we get when diagnosed is vague and assumes the same rules are true for everybody. However, everybody is different in what will drive up their blood sugar.  Dalia's advice is specific, practical and targeted and if you follow the advice it will help you to control your blood sugar and enjoy your food.

A.Z. - Female

PMT, anxiety, digestive health, migraines

Before I saw Dalia, I was suffering from frequent migraines, bloating, anxiety and premenstrual syndrome. As a PhD student planning for a future in academia,  I was finding it difficult to take a good care of my body. I came to see Dalia to explore the power of food over my mental and physical health. I remember that after the first session I called my mom crying of happiness that I felt there is hope for me to have a more enjoyable life. 

First, we worked on building a rhythm, so I kept a food journal for several weeks. With her insight and experience, Dalia could figure out patterns that were causing unpleasant symptoms. Together, we worked on building new habits and learning useful techniques. 

Second, I had to give up what I loved the most; coffee (caffeine). At first, I thought it is going to be impossible. But with time, effort and Dalia’s suggestions and advice, I could be off caffeine completely. This lowered my anxiety and painful cramps tremendously. Honestly, I would never go back to having coffee or tea as I used to.  

Also, as she noticed by interest in “research”, Dalia suggested plenty of references (articles, books, and videos) that helped me understand the underlying science behind her advice. Within a few months, I developed a new lifestyle that I will keep for the rest of my life. As a young woman planning a family soon, I will definitely come back to see her. 

I found Dalia to be a brilliant, passionate and empowering woman. She also has personal qualities that make her special; affirmative, trustworthy, non-judgemental, well-cultured and kind. She is a true role model. 

J.M. - Male

Type 2 diabetes, non alcoholic fatty liver disease

Dalia is an exceptional dietitian: her empathy and encouragement has enabled me to stay motivated and on track with my diet, which is now showing results and keep my health issues under control, and in good shape. I completely recommend her to everyone.

I.H. - Female

Disordered eating

Over the past two and a half years I have struggled with eating on an individual and social basis. However, I made a conscious decision to seek help from my mum, which is when we found Dalia. After one session with Dalia I felt comfortable sharing my experiences and troubles. Dalia guided me and advised me how to tackle my fears and issues; she taught me so much about the value of food in a nutritional way and an emotional sense. I felt I could trust Dalia and cannot thank her enough. I feel like a new person and I can say I've fallen back in love with food. I know she's always there if anything changes, thank you Dalia!

R.M. - Female

PMT, IBS, gastric reflux, mental health, interstitial cystitis, migraines

When I first found Dalia’s website I was in the absolute depths of despair. I had spent a year having
test after test at the hospital trying to find answers as to why my body was in such distress, with my
mental health in ruins as I was told time and time again by doctors that I would just have to live with
my symptoms as they couldn’t find anything wrong with me. Fast forward six months to now and I am
completely off medication, I no longer have constant abdominal pain and nausea, I have put on the
weight that I had lost, my acne is gone, I sleep well, my interstitial cystitis that I had for 4 years is
almost gone, my periods no longer involve vomiting and being in complete agony, I have much fewer
migraines, my mental health is steadily returning to normal and I can actually enjoy food again!
Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable and professional, but also very kind, wise and easy to talk
to which makes appointments relaxed and enjoyable. She has taught me so much about both
physical and mental self-care that I will use for the rest of my life, I’ve still got a little way to go in
terms of recovery but I’m so excited to see how much healthier I can be!
Dalia has saved me from a lifetime of suffering and given me back my ability to work, socialize,
exercise and enjoy life again. I am so unbelievably grateful to have stumbled across her website that
day. She’s also doing the most incredible job working with my sister, who has also been failed by
every other medical professional she’s seen. I’m sure you’ll see another glowing testimonial from her
in a few months too, we’re almost certain she has superpowers! What an amazing woman.

G.N. - Male

Chronic fatigue and IBS

I would definitely recommend Dalia to anyone suffering digestive issues like my 16 year old son. He developed stomach problems in the Autumn of 2017. I decided to seek Dalia's help, as the laxative treatment recommended by his GP was irritating his stomach even more. As soon as he was off the laxatives and following Dalia's eating plan, his stomach began to recover and the issues he had began to resolve very quickly. He was recently able to reintroduce gluten with no ill effects, but has also worked out that dairy seems to be the culprit. She so supportive with lots of friendly advice on all aspects of his life, not just eating - she treats the whole, not just the part which seems to be wrong. Anyone worried about their children following a diet should know that my son stuck to Dalia's recommendations quite easily and if he really missed a particular food or didn't like a particular food, she would find a way around it. I would not hesitate to recommend Dalia to anyone needing dietary help, both children and adults.

G. and J. W - Couples treatment

Digestive, hormonal and mental health

I was suffering with migraines, night sweats, heavy periods, breast tenderness, bloating and weight-gain, and extreme anxiety pre-menstruation. During our first session, I immediately knew Dalia 'got' me; she totally understood, empathised and offered me hope. I felt so much more secure just from our conversation. My husband and I decided to see her together, as we wanted a consolidated eating programme for both of us. 

Dalia really works with you as a patient, making sure that you set realistic and achievable goals. She takes the time to assess how foods are affecting you, not just jumping to conclusions. As a registered dietitian, we felt in very safe hands, knowing there was science behind her advice. 

Within six months the physical and emotional results were unbelievable and transformative. No more migraines, much reduced breast tenderness, little or no pre-menstrual bloating, hirsutism improved, and a much calmer mood! My periods were also significantly lighter, and I stopped having any night sweats! It's greatly increased my confidence and has made me realise how much I was putting up with before. 

The wonderful thing about Dalia is her warmth, humour and holistic approach - she is just as keen to recommend rest and being kind to yourself as she is having a green salad every day!

She was happy for me to contact her when I needed to, so it felt like I had a real life-line of support. I know I couldn't have done it without her. 

A. S. - Female

High blood pressure, desire to lose weight to a healthy BMI

I have been seeing Dalia for over three years now. I first contacted her when I was diagnosed with high blood pressure (reaching over 150/130 at times) and immediately put on permanent medication at the age of 34. Luckily my GP suggested that at such young age I have a good chance to come off it if only I start exercising and look into my diet. In the past I have tried several different 'diets' and never particularly enjoyed exercise so I knew that now was the time to look for professional help. 


Dalia turned out to be so much more than just a nutritionist! Within the first six months of consultations I made significant changes to my diet and introduced a very simple exercise which I actually enjoyed but never considered - power walking. I started losing weight and after six months my GP decreased the medication by half. I came off the medication a year after I was diagnosed and my BP has been at the healthy 120/80 for the last two years now. Every single GP I have seen congratulated me and all talked about what a success story this is. This would not be possible without Dalia's support with every aspect of my health - blood pressure, contraception and issues with joints / spine. Overall I lost approx 15 kilos (33 pounds) within less than a year of consultations and have been able to keep my weight steady every since. 


No mater how low I feel sometimes, a quick consultation with Dalia will always bring my spirits up and put me back on track.

I cannot recommend her service enough as it changed my life for good!

C.G. - Female

Ankylosing Spondylitis

I was so fortunate to find Dalia last September. After having been in chronic pain for a year my Rheumatologist suggested that I saw a dietitian to improve my gut health. He suspected that I may have developed AS as a result of a bacterial gut infection. I was regularly skipping meals due to not being able to exercise like I always had and on full time medication. Dalia's calm and warm manner put me instantly at ease and we have started on a journey to reduce the foods that may be having an inflammatory effect and boost the ones that would encourage my body to heal itself. Six months on and I couldn't ask to be in a better place. My diet is more nourishing, I feel less anxious. I'm sleeping better and have reduced pain medication (rarely needing them!). I could not have even imagined starting this journey on my own and am incredibly grateful to Dalia who never fails to make me laugh and inspire me to achieve my next little goal. 

L.K. - Female

Chronic pelvic pain (urinary and gynaecological)

Dalia has done more to help my pelvic pain in the last eight months than numerous gynaecologists, urologists, and pain specialists have in the last eight years. Dalia’s approach to nutrition therapy is scientific, holistic, and practical. Her advice is firmly rooted in scientific principles and she personalises treatment plans to suit each individual. Dalia is also hugely supportive both during and between appointments, providing recipes and practical advice. By introducing small and sustainable changes into my diet, my symptoms have virtually disappeared. After eight years of chronic pain, Dalia has helped me get my life back. I recommend her to anyone with chronic health problems who is seeking a natural way to overcome their symptoms.

F.B. - Male

Type 2 diabetes, overweight and tiredness

Little did I know how my son's birthday gift of initially two consultations with Dalia would have such a beneficial affect on me, it's a great feeling to be back control of my life, with food as my medicine and that's what Dalia has given me!

Over the years I'd let my diabetes rob me of my zest for life, being over weight, continually tired and all the other ailments associated with being diabetic for more than 10 years!

I found Dalia very approachable with a laid back professional manner, putting me instantly at ease, she understood where I was coming from and the changes made to my eating plan (note I didn't say diet!) made a lot of sense, especially after explaining how our bodies react to the foods we eat! I now feel I'm getting some of that zest back, I've lost some weight, my blood sugar levels are down and I've a spring in my step :-) all thanks to you Dalia. Thank you!

C.K. - Female

Overweight, digestive challenges and menstrual pain

As I enjoy my cup of golden tea (as recommended by Dalia), I reflect on all the help and support she has given me over the last 6 months or so. She quickly identified from my food diary why I wasn't losing any weight despite doing a lot of exercise. She then drew up a detailed plan of the types of things I should eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, which was easy to follow. Sticking to the plan quickly led to weight loss and without feeling hungry. After several months on this new diet, I now know there is no going back for me, I have made permanent changes to my way of eating. I feel capable of managing this going forward, unlike other diets where I have always put the weight back on. Dalia is also very encouraging, and has lots of tips to help with various issues. We tried lots of different things to help regulate my bowel movements, this was a trickier issue to fix, but Dalia kept suggesting new things to try and we got there in the end I think!


Beyond the issues for which I initially went to see Dalia for, I also noticed immediate considerable improvement to period pain, when I started to follow the new eating plan. For that reason alone, I will stick to the it! I also haven't had any of the joint pain symptoms for which I consulted my GP last year... I can't recommend Dalia enough. She is very warm and welcoming, is an expert in her field, and she genuinely cares about her patients. I wouldn't have been able to sort out my issues without her. If you go and see her with an open mind, and follow her instructions and advice, you will quickly see the benefits too!

C.W. - Female

Disordered eating

The help which Dalia has given me has been invaluable. She has addressed my disordered relationship with food and given me a much more balanced view of nutrition. Dalia treats the whole person, as a person, including emotions and thoughts as well as making the necessary changes to diet and lifestyle. She helped me see though the misconceptions and perfectionist ideas I had collected from the media about food, and I feel I have the tools I need to continue to live well. I am so grateful for every appointment! Without her I don’t think I would be here.

L.C. - Female

Disordered eating

Dalia's ongoing, unfailing support, guidance, knowledge and compassion is extraordinary and invaluable. I count on her in difficult times, and she is always there. Her advice extends widely around and beyond the plural topics concerning food and nutrition, towards every perspective that reaches around life itself. This is not an exaggeration: Dalia has helped me in my (ongoing) recovery from an eating disorder (and other disorders. Let's say 'disorder' as a very complex problematic), by planning goals to improve my health and wellbeing, and helping me encounter and achieve each (mammoth or tiny, equally challenging) step of the way. Every fortunate person who meets Dalia will feel enhanced and enriched by the help that she will always provide.

A.S. - Female

Disordered eating

Your sincerity, support—both in and between appointments—and balanced approach to food and life have been a huge help in recovering from an eating disorder. In contrast to the rushed, volume-focused treatments I’ve received in the past, your manageable goals and focus on overall health encourage long-term, sustainable healing. Thank you!

L.C. - Female

Digestive Challenges

Dalia has been my go-to nutritionist for nearly three years. The reason I chose to consult her is because, as a registered dietician, she is a medical professional rooted in good science. Yet her approach is also holistic, taking account of the whole person. She takes the time to understand what’s really going on for the client, and tailors a programme of treatment that is both healing and practical. I have always found Dalia to be warm, caring and consistently there when I’ve needed her. She makes herself available to deal with any questions or concerns between consultations – nothing is too small or trivial. I can’t think of the number of queries I’ve fired off since I’ve known her, and every single one has been answered quickly and helpfully.


I am delighted to recommend Dalia to anyone who needs help and advice with their health, lifestyle and nutrition.

M.W. - Female

Disordered eating

I went to Dalia when I was suffering with anorexia. Her voice was the one that lifted me out of the depths of it. I think a massive part of the success of my recovery was Dalia’s holistic approach. The focus was not on putting on a certain amount of weight per week, which seemed to be the sole aim when I saw a doctor. I kept a food diary, but we spoke about so much more than that: my feelings, fears and anxieties. She spoke to me honestly and frankly and I was able to chat, laugh and cry with her. I went off to university but Dalia kept in contact with me and I felt like she really cared about how I was doing. 15 months and 20kg later I cannot put into words how invaluable her advice was. She taught me how to get healthy through nourishing foods but also think healthily, and this I will use for life. 

D.M. - Female

IBS and Fatigue

I can honestly say that going to see Dalia has changed my health for the better - It has given me my life back.

From not being able to get through the morning without having to have a sleep, I now have energy levels that enable me to stay awake all day and live the life I had been missing out on for years

E.S. - Female

Colitis and IBS

I have had a mild but persistent and troublesome form of ulcerative colitis, with associated IBS, for about eighteen years; I have been on a variety of funny diets for the past ten years to try to cure myself, and for the past five years I have been permanently on medication. Thanks to Dalia, I am now in remission and off my medication, a result I had almost given up hope of achieving; I am also eating a less restricted and healthier range of foods. It is not an exaggeration to say that her help and support have transformed my life. I thoroughly recommend Dalia to anyone with chronic health problems, suspected food intolerances or allergies, weight problems or eating disorders, or with any concerns at all about how to eat more healthily. She is amazing, go and see her.

P.C. - Male

Immune Support and Reflux

I had a tendency to catch and then suffer severe and difficult to shake off symptoms of any cold and flu bug that was going around.  This had been going on for several years without my GP being able to offer any solution beyond treating the symptoms.  I was therefore very interested to discover Dalia’s practise of food as medicine.  As a result of taking Dalia’s dietary advice I have fundamentally improved the resilience of my immune system and this has led to me catching colds and flu far less often and, if I do get an infection, having much milder symptoms than I did previously.

Besides this very significant improvement, my health in general and digestion in particular is better than it has ever been.  Dalia’s dietary advice has been an object lesson for me in the significance of diet as a fundamental part of preventative medicine.


Son with Gatro-oesophageal Reflux Disorder

I went to see Dalia about my 8-year old son, who has struggled with Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux Disorder since he was a baby. I was keen to avoid him being put back on medication after another flare-up, as my experience was that the medication caused other problems. She was very easy to talk to, encouraging and non-judgemental - one of the few health professionals who actually listens!
The advice she gave was always helpful, supportive, and understanding of the difficulties. My son is now free from stomach medication and manages to eat a wide range of foods.

D.R. - Male

Disordered eating

Over the course of several years I’d become unhealthily obsessed with healthy eating and over-exercising to the extent that I was out of touch with my body's needs.  Seeing Dalia really helped me to move away from the rigid routine that I’d put in place which was keeping me underweight and tired all the time.  Thanks to Dalia’s clear advice in setting achievable goals and friendly encouragement, I was able to shake off the obsessive thoughts that had taken over my life and now I'm much more relaxed about food and exercise and have returned to a healthy weight and lifestyle.  

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